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  8 Hours of Industry Leading Online Instruction

  Delivered by the Co-creators of NPS

  10 Completely Re-imagined Thought Leadership Frameworks

  Direct Access to Subject Matter Experts

  Interactive Program Assessment Tools

  Special Upgrade Offer for NPS Certification


On a State of the Art Learning Platform

  Start Anytime, Anywhere

  Self-paced Progression

✓  Interactive Pop Quizzes

  A Program Workbook

  Downloadable Resources




How long will it take me?

There are 8 core units which we anticipate will fit in one day or easily spread across a work week. You will also be able to continue to access any and all content post completion.


Is there a final exam?

We want the learning experience to be both enjoyable and memorable. There are Pop Quizzes within each unit which calibrate your progress as you go. Once you upgrade you will be directed to complete your final requirements.


Can I interact with the instructors?

Yes. Richard Owen and his team of subject matter experts support you throughout your journey. Each unit contains a moderated forum of which you can also interact with your peers. Plus this feature remains available during the course of your subscription.


Do I get a real certificate?

You sure do. Our online certified professionals will receive one in the mail for US, Europe and India residents, at no extra charge. Otherwise via email. Our live event attendees receive one at the conclusion of the class.


I like the program assessment tool. Can I use this throughout the year?

Yes and all the video instruction, downloadable resources will continue to be accessible for the duration of your subscription. That way you can refresh your knowledge or recalibrate your program as you have applied your skills.


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