Net Promoter Score (NPS) Training Certification Program for Employees

Give your entire organization a common understanding of NPS, so they too can help turn customers into promoters.

The Essential Concepts

The What

Everyone will understand Net Promoter and the fundamentals behind successful customer experience programs.

The Why

Now they know what it is, we help your team understand why CX and Net Promoter is the key to creating customer lifetime value.

The How

Armed with the What and the Why, we explain how they can contribute to customer success so they view it as an essential part of their role.

Picture This


No Snoring

It's fast paced, engaging and packs a punch. Expect both effectiveness and time efficiency, without sending your employees to sleep.



Ensure a successful program by making sure everyone is aligned and moving towards a common goal.



Now that everyone is up to speed, move your company from average to exceptional! We will be here to help you continue to progress.


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