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This is an extremely valuable course taught by very knowledgeable trainers.

VOC Specialist


I found this class to be amazing and I am very excited to go back to my company and formulate our roadmap to success! It also affirmed that we are on the right path with our strategy as well! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Manager, Omnichannel Operations


The pre-class webinars and opportunity to complete the quizzes in advance are extremely helpful tools. It was great to come into the class with a pre-existing understanding of context and objectives. Very well done.

VSP Manager


Class was great, super insightful, talked about the precise things we were dealing with, and gave actual tips and tailored best practices.

VOC Specialist


I thought the class was extremely informative and confirms many of the steps and processes we are using and have in place that will help relay our messages to upper management in a clear and concise manner so that change can be accomplished to improve our customer experience as a financial institution.

VOC Performance Specialist


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